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  • Brad Brown

Conquer Your Fear of Selling

Sales can seem like the Boogeyman. Sometimes, we need someone to check under the bed and tell us that nothing is there. That's what we’re here to do. We have all experienced some fear or anxiety when it comes to selling. It may not seem like it at first, but this can be overcome. Fear of sales is simply a mindset. Our fear is made up in our heads, driven by doubts and the unknown. It is important to become comfortable and confident with each aspect of sales in order to conquer this fear. We are going to give you four simple lessons that will help achieve your sales goals.

First, let’s address what sales really is. You may think of sales as reciting prepared speech or script in hopes of striking gold. This mindset will not set you up for success. Sales is a conversation. It is extremely important to build rapport with your prospects. If you go into a sales call with only the intention of selling your product, your potential customer WILL know and will take you as disingenuous. Instead, focus on their desire to buy, not your desire to sell. Make sure that you are listening and asking questions about their needs and desires in order to make them feel heard and valued. Sales is a two way street. Your customers have problems they want solved and you have the solution. This means there is a possibility for a valuable relationship. Sales is meant to be personal. Developing a relationship and connection with your prospects is vital to how they view both you and your business, and whether they want to be a customer.

The second lesson is learning how to be told no. It is a reality that you are going to be told no more than you would like. It is important not to let this discourage you. Rejection is simply a part of sales. It might not feel great, but it will help you to build resilience and sales discipline. Now let's shift our perspective of what we want to accomplish in a sales call. The truly valuable part of your conversation is not about if they say “yes or “no” but if you were able to develop a customer relationship and rapport. A relationship made and a “no” is much more valuable than just a “no.” Your prospect may not need your product now or may not want the specific offer you made, but they may in the future. When that happens, you want to be the first person on their mind. If you succeed at building rapport, they may even refer you to someone else. Realigning your goals for a sale will shift your perspective on sales as a whole. Focus on developing customer relationships, not just selling your product.

Another helpful tip is the “leaving your parents in the car” approach to sales. Sometimes sales goes against those societal rules that your parents taught you as a child. They taught you not to talk to strangers, to speak when spoken to, and to not bother people. Fear of sales may come from your resistance to breaking these rules. But to be successful in sales and reach your sales goals, you need to get out there and talk to strangers, get your foot in the door, and be persistent in order to make yourself and your product known. It can feel uncomfortable to do this, but it is very important to override the systems that are ingrained in you in order to change your perspective of sales. When you override these systems, you begin to feel much more confident in your sales ability.

Lastly, as you start to conquer your fear of sales and begin to sell more often, you will start to develop your own style. You may find an opening line or hook that you find works best for you, or a general tone and approach that feels like you. One example of a good opening line is starting off with, “Hey, I’ve only got a minute.” This is a great opening line because it immediately communicates that your time is as valuable as theirs. These kinds of stylistic choices dictate the tone and direction of the sales call. As you continue to sell, you will develop little techniques that will help you control where and how the conversation goes. The more control you have, the more comfortable you will feel interfacing with potential customers. Remember, you can’t find your style until you use your sales discipline to conquer your fear and develop your sales skills.

Sales is a mindset. You CAN overcome your fear of selling. Focus on building sales relationships, learn how to be told no, and leave your parents in the car. Utilizing these quick sales lessons will help you to get rid of that pesky fear of sales and start developing your sales discipline and style. Remember, there’s nothing under the bed, the Boogeyman is just in your head!


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