How to Meet Your Sales Goals

And the Power of Little Steps

It’s important to set sales goals for your business. But you don’t always have to set lofty goals. Instead, it’s important to set realistic goals that allow you to take little steps along the way to meet those goals. This is a much better way to set you and your company up for success.

But even with the power of taking small steps, you are still going to have to work at it. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are our tips for taking small steps to achieve your sales goals.

Review It

Take it day by day. Start each morning by reviewing your sales goals. Look at the plan for the week as well as the goals and actions for the day. Then, at the end of the day, review how your day went and set goals and actions for the following day. It’s okay to revise your goals down for the next day. Remember, this is about the power of taking small steps to achieve long-term success.  

Have a Goals Partner

Once a week, review your goals with a “goals partner.” This needs to be someone you work with each day, whether it is a mentor, peer or friend. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable to staying committed and even pushing yourself. You can also problem solve together about any roadblocks along the way. 

Empower Your Sales Team

Give yourself the best tools available. This means providing training, resources and using the CRM software that best fits your company’s needs. By giving your sales team what they need to do their work, they will feel empowered and more motivated to sell, sell, sell!

Build an ICP

It’s important to understand your current customers in order to get new ones. Onemata’s lead generation software can help you build the ideal customer profile (ICP) based on your current customers. These ideal customers are the prospects who are the most motivated to buy your products because you have a solution to their problems.

Let Someone Else Research for You

Once you have built an ICP, let someone else do the work of discovering those new customers. Onemata has persistent connectivity to public and private sources that we search in real time to find the companies that have the problem you solve. 

Inbox Gold® Push 

We’ve read that focusing on one new lead a day is one of the most efficient ways to meet your sales goals. And contacting one lead a day is certainly a small step toward achieving your goals! With Onemata’s Inbox Gold® Push, you can have that warm prospect sent directly to your inbox! Just set up the pace in Onemata to deliver 1 prospect per workday. It’s that easy. Now all you have to do is sell!

Make Connections Online

LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B businesses. Review your connections on the network. Is there anyone on there you are connected with who interacts with any potential leads? Create your own leads group and reach out. While this is a little bit more work than using Onemata’s software, it’s always a good idea to have a presence on LinkedIn as a B2B business. You never know what might come from making connections!

Monitor Your Sales Pipeline

It’s important to monitor your sales pipeline each day. It will keep you on track to meet your goals, even motivating you and your team if you see it’s a bit low. Don’t forget to analyze your pipeline to see where it is you need to focus to stay on track. Is it making a second call to your prospect to check back in or is it closing the final deal? Holes in your pipeline are inevitable, but working to plug as many of them as possible will help keep you on track. If you have multiple holes in your pipeline, focus on one at a time. When you have plugged one hole, work on the next one. 

Taking small steps makes working toward your sales goals easier. It has the power to help you reach your short-term and long-term sales goals. And with the help of Onemata, it makes those small steps even smaller and easier! Now get out there and sell!


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