About Us

Our Mission, Our Vision

Increasing prosperity on main street.

For small businesses on the planet earth, we will be the go-to source for the thinking, tools, process, and partners to accelerate the pace at which they achieve their hopes and dreams of a better future for themselves, their children, and their community.

Our near-term objective is to service the 23 million independent business owners and the 6 million SMBs with employees in the US, prior to bringing the story of small business success to the rest of the world.

We are solving one of the biggest problems for small businesses across the world – getting new customers quickly!

At Onemata, our software is designed to read, understand, and interpret the world of business data and intelligence, enabling our customers to craft detailed and smart search criteria so they can discover their universe of like-minded prospects and get their cherished products and services into the hands of those who need and want them.


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We are inherently positive. We cultivate thankfulness and make the choice to pump sunshine.

We love our customers and their problems. We will always find a way to meet their needs.

We are curious. We make lifelong connections and stay committed to them.

We are direct and clear. What is being said you can trust, no matter what.

We are explorers and take risks. We see what needs to be done and do it.

Download our full Values, Mission and Purpose here.

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 dark fertile soil. [oh-nee-ma-tah]

Origin: Maori, New ZealandRākau tū ki te onemata, matomato ana te tupu, rākau tū ki te onepū, pohuka noa (PK 2008:651). 

The tree that stands on dark, fertile soil grows lushly, the tree that grows on sand is quite stunted.

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Meet The Team

Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins is Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for revenue and sales operations infrastructure. Mike has 25+ years experience in sales, including a stint as EVP/COO of the digital division of the nation’s second-largest newspaper company. Mike is also a competitive soccer coach, working with the Storm North Football Club. Mike Graduated from Colorado State University.
Will Smith

As a founding member of Onemata, Will is excited about how our SaaS-based Prospecting Engine is automating our clients' new customer identification process and enhancing our customer’s sales velocity.

Will is a founding member of several national companies which remain in operation today. He was the co-founder of Reglera, a technology-enabled service company that outsourced quality and regulatory operations for medical device companies, acquired in 2012 by FW Dohmen.

Will also served in the US Armed Forces from 1985 -1990

Brad Brown

Bradley D. Brown is Onemata’s CTO and man behind their technology platform. He is a data guy at heart and has started a number of successful technology companies that range from professional services to SaaS to platform as a service businesses.

Brad was the CEO, President, and Founder of InteliVideo, a platform that helps marketers of intellectual property monetize their content using its proprietary online platform. He also built IntelliReal, which was acquired by Equifax in 2011 and TUSC which was acquired by Rolta in 2008. He's had roles as Startup CTO of Enhanced Recovery, Independent Nation, Open Access Broadband Networks, and EventConnex. He has served on the boards of YPO Colorado Chapter, Geekcruises, and Colorado Uplift. Brad is the author of six books on technology.

Crystal Anzulewicz

Crystal Anzulewicz is the Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for all accounting and financial activities.

Crystal joined Onemata’s parent Company Enscicon Corporation in 2009 as a Senior Accountant, later progressing to the role of Controller prior to becoming the CFO in 2014. Crystal graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern College with a B.A. in Actuarial Science and Business Administration.

Sara White
Chief People Officer

Sara White is head of HR. She got into HR because she likes people. After 13 years, she is now responsible for driving the strategic direction, development, and execution of Human Resource policies, programs, and initiatives for Enscicon Corporation and Onemata.

Her focus is on finding, developing, and retaining the people that make up these dynamic companies and striving to make them great places to work each and every day. When not at work you can find her chasing her two boys around town or up in the mountains.

Michael George
Data Scientist
Michael is a data science engineer for Onemata where nobody, not even he, knows quite exactly what he does. His brain is constantly crunching numbers and simultaneously remembering everything that happens.

He spends his spare time memorizing random lists, attempting to watch every movie ever made, and being an amateur video game developer.