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Onemata's Vision

Leveraging Onemata’s regulatory experience and our influence on the industry, we deliver trusted secure and transparent data making it easy for our clients to draw actionable insights and predictions empowering them to build vibrant businesses. 

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Onemata is the largest provider of compliance-first, SDK-derived, mobile location data. 

We've built the most robust dataset of compliance-first mobile location data so you can focus on building game-changing products and solutions.


SDK-derived mobile location data

We've partnered with the leading SDKs to deliver the highest scale and supply stability.

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Mobile location data with unprecedented scale and granularity 

With 865 million monthly active users across the globe we make it easy for you to build powerful location-based platforms and solutions.

Our Data

"We've worked with many mobile location data providers but Onemata stands out by offering the largest scale globally and the best all-around service. We see them as a true partner and not just another vendor."

Eric Nester

Director of Intelligence at Telos Corporation

Onemata's mobile location data delivers not just scale but also high fidelity and minimum risk by utilizing relationships with numerous SDK providers.

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Are you ready to dive into our mobile location data? Get started today!

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