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Onemata APIs

We've built a revolutionary API platform providing a one-stop-shop for your people, business and validation needs.

Device Linkage

Cross-device identity resolution.

Consumer Intelligence Data

Comprehensive consumer info aggregated from across the globe.

API (coming soon)

Occupational History Data

Robust information on past and present occupations for people.

API (coming soon)

IP to Business

Resolve IP Addresses to Businesses in Real-time.

Business Firmographic Data

Comprehensive Business Firmographic Data.

API (coming soon)

Business Social Presence

Digital identity tracker for businesses online profiles.

API (coming soon)

Business Contact Data

Comprehensive Business Contact Info.

API (coming soon)
Email Validation API

Append, normalize and validate email addresses with accuracy.

Phone Validation API

Validate and normalize phone numbers with confidence.

Address Validation API

Validate street address or geo-coordinates and get robust location insights.

Not all data data is created equal.

Our goal is to help companies of all sizes cross the Data Divide quickly and easily by providing them with cost-effective & reliable B2B and B2C data for all of their development, sales, marketing, and recruitment needs.


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