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Increasing prosperity doesn't stop at helping businesses find new customers quickly. We want to be your partner in business, supporting you throughout your sales and marketing efforts. We make these business management videos to distill really complex business concepts down to digestible pieces that you can think about within your business to deploy against your objectives tomorrow. We've developed this knowledge about sales techniques through building more than 15 companies between us. We hope that you find this ongoing series super meaningful.

The Known

Channel K represents the people you already know or that exist within your network. These are the folks you work with or have worked with in the past, vendors, college connections, perhaps a customer or someone you met at an industry function. 

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The Unknown

These people don't even know you exist - yet. You'll be pursuing them with a direct sales channel, and your efforts will likely be supported by marketing and industry events. This is where cold calls and emails come in too.

The Inbound

This involves creating content that appeals to the right people. There's a huge perk to creating a healthy inbound channel. It's everywhere and always open. There are no office hours to worry about or best times of the day to publish content.


Sales Motivation States

Companies have problems to solve. They may have a problem now or a future problem, or they may even be in crisis mode. These are what we call sales motivation states.


Love the Problem

Once we understand the problem and what the client seeks to have happen from having the problem solved, we now have an opportunity to assume the responsibility for solving the problem on behalf of our client. It is a subtle but powerful shift in perspective and accountability.


Always Say Yes!

Your job and your employees’ job is to understand the problem and the outcome your customer desires and then to take responsibility for (1) solving the problem and (2) the outcome.


Help Us Help You

We want to know what you're thinking. We want you to help us deliver meaningful marketing and sales technique content to the B2B community. If at the end of these episodes, you find that you've got an idea of how we can do something better or be more impactful please reach out and engage with us. If you've got an idea for a topic and want to present it, let us know and we'll come to you with a camera crew and film it! If there are topics you'd like us to cover, please drop us a line here and we'll get them in the works.