We're All in this Together

We created Onemata to solve what was always our and likely your biggest problem - how to get new customers quickly. The Onemata community, which is made up of our customers, SBA program participants, and our employees to name a few, are all joining together to increase prosperity in local communities across the US. One of the ways we are doing this is by providing scholarships to emerging companies or successful companies that are in a down cycle. 

Review the criteria below, and if you qualify, please apply for an Onemata Scholarship which lasts for six months. We'll reach out within 48 hours to let you know if you're awarded your scholarship immediately or if you're on a waiting list.

Scholarship Criteria

You are eligible if your business has yet to achieve 100K in total revenue or you have experienced declining revenue. 

If you think you qualify based upon other criteria, please fill out your information and let us know a little bit about your situation and we'll evaluate it.

Gift a Scholarship

If you don't qualify yourself, please nominate any business you think is deserving.

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