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For $19.95 per month - the price of a few cups of coffee - we're going to help you get new customers quickly.

There are no long term contracts, just our commitment that our stuff works and that we'll help you.

The Fortune 500 spends millions to get the prospecting power that we're putting in your hands for just under 20 bucks.


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Onemata Flourish For Small Business - $19.95/month

Ideal Customer Profiles: This is how you tell Onemata what to look for in an ideal customer. You'll designate the key terms to include or exclude, which industries to search, and what technologies to include or exclude. Then our system will do the rest. We'll scour the universe and return to you a set of prospects that most closely match those who have the problem your product or service solves. AKA - motivated prospects (and your next customers.)

Refining Tools: Edit your ICP until it’s perfect. We don’t want you to have to settle. Once you’ve run it, you can clone it and try other options. You can also make some key terms more important than others and filter for geographies, company sizes, and more.

Inbox Gold: We include process and best practice thinking into delivering you 20 highly motivated prospects every month. All you've got to do is make one phone call or email every weekday. Your results from making more than 260 sales calls per year are going to be life changing (compound interest). ☕️ + 🍩 + 📞 = 💲  We make selling one of the most enjoyable parts of your daily routine. 

Bad Prospect, No Problem: If you determine the prospect isn't any good just mark it as such and we'll give you a replacement.

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Our scholarships are awarded based on merit, which you can read about here. We'd also appreciate it if you nominated anyone you think meets the criteria. Our scholarships are awarded in six month blocks, but if the company is still developing at the end of their scholarship, they can apply for another one. Since it's your referrals that create this benefit, we'll let you know which companies you positively influenced as they are awarded.