Pricing Plans

B2B Sales Lead Generation for Every Business


Sized for Independent Business Owners


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25 Prospects Per Month

1 User Login

1 Active Prospect List

Online Chat Support During Business Hours

Sized for Small but Growing Teams


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100 Prospects Per Month

1-2 User Logins

1 Active Prospect List Per Login

Online Chat Support During Business Hours

Sized for Teams with Two-Three Dedicated Sales People


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450 Prospects Per Month

1-3 User Logins

1 Active Prospect List Per Login

Online Chat Support During Business Hours

Custom Plan

Sized for Businesses with a Dedicated Sales Team

Get in Touch We'll work with you to create your custom tailored plan. You'll enjoy white glove service and help creating, setting up, and managing your team's account on an ongoing basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay annually and/or is there some sort of contract?

No, we do not require you to sign a contract. Your subscription is on a month to month basis. However, you cannot get a partial refund if you'd like to cancel partway through a month. Your subscription will simply end at the end of your billing period and will not be renewed.


Can I switch plans, or am I locked in?

You can switch plans to gain access to more accounts and more prospects at any time during your billing period.

What do I do if none of your plans will work for my needs?
We offer a custom option for businesses that don't see a pricing plan that fits their needs. All you need to do is contact us to learn more.
Can I buy additional prospects?
You can reset your data limits if you run out of prospects at any point during the month to get access to more prospects.
Can I add more users to my plan?
You can add more users to your plan by contacting us. It may be more cost effective to upgrade your plan instead, but that is always up to you. 
How will I be billed?
You're billed on a monthly basis. Your billing date is the day you sign up and you're billed each month on that date.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Cancel your subscription by going to your settings page.