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How Marketers Can Survive the Death of Behavioral Cookie Data Using Mobile Location Data

Tracking cookies continue crumbling as significant search browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Safari have blocked all cookies by default. Google Chrome browser is also set to start blocking all third-party cookies by the year 2022. They also announced that although there will be alternatives to these cookies when they are taken off the system, they are not equipped to provide the functionality marketers have grown accustomed to with cookies.

However, ad marketing has to survive even without these tracking cookies, since it is the most reliable source of leads. The change is imminent, and new strategies have to be developed to ensure the business continues operating. The best way to solve advertising issues is by using location intelligence that gets information from consumers' mobile devices, commonly known as mobile location data.

What is a Location Intelligent Campaign?

Location Intelligence is a new term gaining popularity fast as consumers demand more relevant and usable offers from manufacturers. It is a type of business intelligence based on the physical locations where consumers visit or operate. Therefore, location intelligence gathers data around the consumer's physical locality through their mobile devices with their permission.

Therefore, consumers will get advertisements according to the recently visited commercial locations like stores and restaurants and find timestamps and device information. The data is arguably the best and safest of all time, since users must consent to it first.

Advantages of Mobile Location Data

Location information has been in use for years, since large enterprises have been using such data to improve their ROI. Old marketing strategies cannot survive in the current marketing systems and the demand from consumers. The shifting economic state is fast, and the old datasets are unreliable to match the highly competitive market.

Here are the top ways businesses benefit by using location data:

Ad Targeting

Ad targeting is the simplest and most common use of location data. Companies are only required to purchase advertising for audiences that have specific characteristics that they need for their goods. These advertising audiences can be created using insights derived from location intelligence.

High Click-Through Rate and ROI

Location intelligence helps companies gather more data from their consumers and learn about their interests, activities, and habits. With this data, businesses can create comprehensive personas for sale and customer services tailored for their clients. They can also implement customer relationship management and user personas to ensure quality and highly specific communications with their customers and prospects. It's like having a 1:1 conversation with a prospect like never before!

Omnichannel Attribution

Location intelligence focuses on real-world actions, and it is easy to relate to online and offline activities. Marketers can use the intelligence to connect mobile advertisements with related offline foot traffic in the nearby stores and other commercial places where their consumers spend time. It will enable them to know the type of advertisements that work and make better decisions to increase their ROI.

Competitive Analytics

Mobile location data can also help businesses learn about their competitors in the market. They will track their customers' visits to the competitor's locations and compare the stores to have fair competition. They can create well-informed campaigns that will boost lead by ensuring their services are better and suit the customers' needs.

Improved Customer Experience

Customer habits are changing rapidly with the dynamic economic state. It is not easy to offer an authentic customer experience when interaction with customers is minimal. Accurate location data improves customer experience, and gives companies insights for improvement. The data also targets the individual's preferences to offer them what they need quickly.

Are you ready to diversify your data and achieve growth in the future? Do not let the death of cookie tracking data drag down your business. Contact us at Onemata for more information on using mobile location data and plan for your future effectively.


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