Onemata University

Sample ICPs vs Full ICPs

Sample ICPs are designed to show you quick results so that you know whether you need to edit your ICP before running it for the whole country. We always start by doing a sample ICP before a full ICP. ...
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What are Active Prospect Lists

In order to see the details for your prospects and begin contacting them or exporting them, you'll need to make an Active Prospect List. You can only have one Active Prospect List at any given time, ...
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Filling in the Onemata Community Settings

There's a lot going on in your Onemata Settings, isn't there? You may be inclined to skip the Community Settings, but I want to encourage you to fill them out because doing so may very well bring ...
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Setting Up Your Inbox Gold®

Once you've created an Active Prospect List, we'll start sending you Inbox Gold® Emails to help make your prospect list more manageable. You just tell us which days of the week you'd like to receive ...
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