Say Goodbye To Anonymous Site Visitors

Unlock the identities of your prospects AS they check out your site.

There are valuable prospects coming to your website every day that are slipping through your fingers. People are spending time on your site, consuming content, and reading about your product. You can see that they are there, and you can see certain information, but if they don’t fill out a form, they disappear into nothing. Wouldn’t it be great to identify and profile the anonymous visitors to your website and have actionable leads from actual people who visited your website? Say goodbye to anonymous site visitors with Onemata's IP to business resolution API.

Turning anonymous site visitors into real profiles with personal contacts is immensely valuable for your sales and marketing teams. This technology allows you to channel these previously unknown site visitors into the sales funnel - instantly, whereas before, they just faded away. This also means you no longer have to rely on visitors filling out a form -- and how often do visitors do fill out a form so you can prioritize them as a potential buyer. Lifting the veil from anonymous site visitors will give you and your sales team a leg up on your competitors.

Decode IP addresses and turn them into meaningful analytics with IP to Business Resolution.
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How IP to Business Resolution works:

Onemata utilizes what we call IP to business resolution. When someone visits your website, we identify their IP address and link it to a business. From there, we identify contacts and profiles from our lead generating AI and provide you with personal contact information of people at that company. This enables you to work these contacts into your outgoing sales pipeline and pursue them with marketing campaigns and salespeople. We give you actionable prospects from actual companies who have visited your website. This gives you a jump on your competitors, allowing you to get in front of these prospects at the right time in their buyers journey.

How you can apply it:

You now have much more information on users viewing your website. You can identify specific companies that are on your site, how often they visit, and for how long. Now what?

Create a Special Website Visitor Sales Pipeline

When you have identified prospects that are visiting your website, you should funnel them into a special sales pipeline for further action. Prioritize these prospects, have a team member find the most ideal contact within the company, and add them to your outbound sales actions. Give information about the prospect to your salespeople so they can have context for their initial conversations. Keeping these prospects in a separate sales pipeline will help you to isolate and pursue.

Rethink your Marketing Strategies

Without this technology, your marketing teams would most likely be solely relying on cookies to power their retargeting and ad campaigns. With the ability to actively identify people who have visited your website, these retargeting campaigns can be much more specific, and in turn, effective. This will empower not only your outbound sales funnel, but also your marketing funnels. Your marketing team will be able to effectively advertise and market to companies at different points in their buyers journey.

Create a More Robust Marketing Funnel

With IP to business resolution comes timing. Timing is a very important aspect to marketing, as customer needs and messaging is different at each point in the buyer's journey. This is why it is helpful to have a three tiered Marketing Funnel. Let's break it down:

-Top of the Funnel: This is a more general level, focused on outreach, and brand awareness, as well as identifying industries and segments to market to.

-Middle of Funnel: This is a more segmented tier where advertising and targeting is being focused into content that will help engage potential buyers and educate them on the product.

-Bottom of Funnel: This is the most specific tier of the funnel where efforts are directed towards prospects farthest down their buyer’s journey and existing customers. This is usually where potential buyers will be shown demos and free trials in order to help them make purchasing decisions.

Having a three tiered marketing funnel in conjunction with website visitor data utilization will lead to a more successful marketing strategy.

So let’s take off the blinders and see what and who are really happening on your site. Anonymous visitors are a massively valuable resource that may be going untapped in your business. Utilizing IP to business technology to identify anonymous visitors and connect them to business with real contacts will empower both your sales and marketing teams. Don’t rely on forms and cookies for your prospects, find their profiles and get out in front of them before your competitors.



August 26, 2020

by Michael Gaessler



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