[PRESS RELEASE] New Patent Awarded to Onemata Revolutionizes Data-Acquisition to Help SMBs Grow

AI powered, data-driven lead generation solution helps businesses eliminate the 98% of unqualified leads so focus can be spent on the 2% of the highest qualified prospects

DENVER, CO, February 18, 2021 -- Onemata, a next generation data solution provider and creator of InboxGold(™), has received a process patent for a data derivative product to help Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) cultivate ideal customers and grow their businesses.PDUOnemataIllustration-1

The latest announcement is a strategic move and part of Onemata's mission of helping small and medium businesses grow by making their sales process easy and cost-effective. The innovative lead generation software is first of its kind in the industry, and it ensures that companies only market to leads that are highly likely to convert with an integration of proactive lead generation models into the sales funnels.

Onemata's CTO, Brad Brown said, "In today's fast-paced business environment, data-driven solutions are key for businesses of all sizes -- not just the big businesses that can invest in expensive data solutions." In recognition of the struggles SMBs undergo in targeting the right customers, Brown added, "Onemata is providing a revolutionary product that will boost success rates for marketing and sales teams by obtaining real-time prospective customer data from millions of websites and social media channels and placing it into the hands of the individuals doing the outreach each day."

This patent combines Onemata's firmographic data and publicly crawlable websites to help SMBs find data-evaluated sales leads with a high degree of precision. With this proprietary and ground-breaking technology, Onemata uses computer learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to profile prospective customers, to develop a curated list of the highest likelihood preachers who are ready to buy.


For a long time, SMBs have had numerous challenges when generating reliable sales prospects by focusing on the quantity over the quality. By switching the focus to quality of leads, early users of Inbox Gold report astronomical increases in efficiencies for their sales outreach in some cases reducing lead lists from 250,000 to 4,500 viable targets. By effectively weeding out’ the 98% of poor quality leads, sales teams are left with just 2% of highly qualified leads and the businesses that are closer to purchase- ready. Businesses that fail to get the ideal customers typically end up spending a lot of their sales and marketing budget on leads who do not buy, or who are not purchase ready and that require a lot of convincing to make a buying decision. 



Onemata, with their recently granted patent, will combine this technology with their already existing robust enterprise data sets to help alleviate the challenges of lead generation by also including the decision maker contact

DailyDig (1)info in the lead list. Businesses will soon be able to have ready-to-buy prospects sent to their email each morning with theOnemata Daily Dig™.


The Inbox Gold product will be available in the fall of 2021. However, for early adopters the beta sign-up will be available as soon as May 2021. Onemata also offers a full suite of enterprise data solutions with unlimited sample data requests available at https://www.onemata.com/request-sample-data.


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