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Onemata News
February 02, 2021

[PRESS RELEASE] Onemata Partners with Truthset in their Quarterly Data Quality Truthscore Release

By voluntarily submitting data sets for third-party evaluation, Onemata is contributing to the overall standardization of consumer data accuracy measurement DENVER, CO, February 2, 2020 -- Onemata Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership...
by Onemata News
Data Quality
January 26, 2021

Why 2021 is the Year To Get Serious About Data Legitimacy

There's an old saying when it comes to data GIGO (garbage in garbage out). Unless the data you are using or inputting is accurate, what comes out doesn't matter. That is why, increasingly, companies have begun to care about data governance. That is,...
by Mike Higgins
Data Quality
January 22, 2021

Why (and How) You Should Prioritize Data Lineage

Data lineage can be described as the journey taken by data from its creation through a transformation over time. It is also viewed as a store of a wealth of information that can be difficult as tracing data sources is not a small task. As our data...
by Mike Higgins
January 04, 2021

[Infographic] 4 Considerations to Secure the Data Integrity of your Business in 2021

Now that 2020 is a distant memory, it's time to jump right into making 2021 the best year it can be! We took some time over the holidays to compile our list of must-do's for data integrity in 2021.   
by Mike Higgins

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