How to Improve the Quality of Your Lead Generation

Posted by Brittney "Babs" Dougherty on Jan 1, 2019 11:13:00 AM

Quality over quantity - you've probably heard it hundreds of times. The adage holds true in many cases from food to friends. It's especially the case when it comes to attracting new customers. What's surprising is that many smart and hard-working business owners have been led to believe differently. Many of us buy large amounts of data at a time then, start working through it hoping for the best. We've had new customers tell us they need at least 10,000 leads per month to meet their sales goals. Instead of starting with a massive pile of mystery leads, we prefer to do research up front and only seek out what we call motivated prospects. 

How Do You Know Someone is Motivated?

kite-boarder-3003325_1920When we're focused on lead generation, we always start by looking for companies that have the problem we solve. There are several ways to tell when someone has that special problem made just for you and your B2B business. There is an easy place to start and it's with industries. Since you know your company's solution like the back of your hand, you can probably name specific industries where it shines. Here are more key indicators to look for in potential customers.

Interests and Values

The "about" page of your website and your social media profiles say a lot about what your company believes in and is interested in. One of our customers searches these sources of information for words that indicate a company wants to grow. Another client searches for companies that are interested in being eco-friendly.


A website's code can tell you all about what tools a company is using. Our website will show you that we use HubSpot, HotJar, and G-Suite. Think about technologies that pair well with your solution, then look for them on company websites. An example is our partner, Act! 365, syncing up perfectly with companies that use Office 365.

How they operate

Put yourself in the shoes of your best customers and think about how they run their businesses. Are they B2B or B2C? Do they operate in the industrial or commercial sector? Is their sales channel simple or complicated? The answers are right there on their websites. A client has had us search for lawyers that certain specializations. Another had us find business owners whose websites discussed an innovation.

Know Your Customer

We want to support  your lead generation efforts and help you determine who to talk to first and why. Coming up with what your best prospects are interested in, what technologies they do and do not use, and how their business operates will take you far in determining the best prospects. At least, that's what we've seen so far. Another excellent way to get at this information is to ask. We enjoyed this article on great questions to ask your inbound leads. We think it would be just as useful to ask your existing customers these questions or to keep them in mind as you evaluate potential prospects.


Written by Brittney "Babs" Dougherty

Babs is Onemata's Content Strategist. She speaks for the SMBs. She gives voice to our values, mission, and vision and is our positive viral messaging expert.