How to Get Your CRM & Sales Working Together

CRM & Sales Working Together Basics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software gives you a holistic view of your customers in real time. This means that it gives your company insights into opportunities to grow your business with each customer. In other words, not only does it help you retain current customers, but it also helps you gain new ones!

Onemata is an ideal partner to whatever CRM you use. Some people use full-on CRM programs. Other people use a makeshift spreadsheet to keep contact info and notes organized. For many people, their CRM is simply pen and paper. We believe in systems, which is why the smarter you can get with your system, the better your sales will be. 

Simple and Fast Setup

You want a system that will work for you! Look for a CRM that is user-friendly and intuitive. It should be something you can learn to use in half a work day or less.

Onemata’s lead generation software makes it simple to set up your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). First, choose the industry or industries you sell into. Then, input a few key words or phrases that you know your prospects are saying that indicate they are a good fit for what your company offers. The more detailed you get with these keywords, the better results you are likely to get. Then, you can run a sample or full ICP. And now you are ready to start contacting leads. It’s that simple!

Find Leads Based Off of Current Customers

All you need to do to get more customers, is to understand your current ones. Understanding who your current customers are will help you figure out which new potential customers you should be targeting to generate the best leads. 

Traditionally, you would target customers defined by their job title, revenue, and company size but this doesn’t actually tell you if the company is a good prospect. Instead, your ideal customers should be defined by their problem that your company offers a solution for. So what is that problem you have solved for your current customers? 

That is where Onemata comes in. We go further than the traditional profiling, asking you questions such as “Is there a certain mindset your best customers share?” We then ask you to make some observations about your current customers such as, what the key moment was that you realized you could help them. After making some observations, you can roll all of that into your ICP. You’ll probably find that many of the answers to the observational questions we ask you have some of the same words or phrases that pop up over and over again. These are the keywords that will help you find motivated prospects. 

Affordability and Value

You run a small business so it is key that a CRM is affordable. But you also want value from your CRM. Some CRMs will nickel-and-dime users by charging extra for standard features. Look for a CRM that fits your budget and also has all the features you need for that price. 

Onemata does the hard part for you of sifting through thousands of prospects to find you the ones that have a problem you can solve. We offer free online chat support during business hours and our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) helps you find the warm leads. Your CRM and your sales leads tool can both fit the budget. 

Getting Results Easily: Inbox Gold®

You have results but now what? Getting information on those motivated prospects should be easy as well. You are a small business so you don’t have tons of time and you also don’t want to be overwhelmed with a bunch of new prospects all at once.

Onemata makes that part easy by sending you prospects at your pace via what we call Inbox Gold®. We’ve done the research and found out that the best practice is to focus on one prospect per day and we can deliver that prospect straight to your inbox. Now all you have to do is make the call and go sell!


Getting started is fast and easy.

All you need is an email - even crabs have those. Ask, Kaunga! Schedule a demo and see how Onemata can help your company grow.