Solve for Timing with Cookieless Retargeting

Retargeting is an important part of internet marketing strategies and advertising as a whole. Put simply, retargeting is a marketing strategy that serves ads based on previous engagement. Current retargeting campaigns mostly rely on data provided by cookies. When someone visits your webpage, cookies are embedded in the site that then follow the user to other websites. From there, the cookies allow you to display your ads on the new webpages. This can be a great resource for marketing and sales teams alike. But this is old news. Cookies have been a hot topic and a source of controversy for many years now.


The Decline of Cookies


Cookies have been heading out the door for a while now. Internet users and large companies alike have been concerned about the implications of cookies and data privacy. Even Google has announced plans to phase out the use of cookies on chrome in the next two years. Apple’s internet browser, Safari, has even been updated to automatically block cookies. Both users and companies are very cautious about cookies. Despite this, cookies are still an important part of marketing campaigns at small and large businesses alike. So from an industry perspective, what is the future of cookies and retargeting? 


The Future of (Digital) Retargeting


What if I told you that retargeting can be done without cookies? This can be achieved with what we call IP to Business Resolution. With this technology, we are able to link IP addresses to companies who have visited your website. This information is different from cookies because it can show you specific companies who have viewed your website, and in turn, lead you to actual profiles and prospects. By identifying these anonymous site visitors, you can identify which companies are currently shopping for your product and are already part way through their buyer's journey. Accounting for the factor of timing is an important innovation in retargeting. Usually, retargeting is just shoving ads in front of people who have visited your website, hoping for them to engage with your marketing content. With Onemata’s IP to Business technology, we are enabling your marketing team to 'target' specific companies that have visited your site and engage with actual prospects at the perfect time, rather than waiting for them to engage with you.

Our data can also be used across all different platforms. Unlike traditional cookies that have to use a unique pixel for each platform (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), with Onemata, you own the prospects you obtain and can use them in an omni-channel approach. This simplifies your marketing efforts, as you can consolidate the data you are getting regardless of the channel, and use it to target specific businesses that need your product. Using marketing strategies like this are the next step in online marketing and advertising.


Cookieless retargeting by using IP to Business Resolution is the next big tool in your sales and marketing tool box. Don’t just put ads in front of your customers and wait for them to interact with you. Use cookieless retargeting to guide these prospects into your sales funnel at a time that is beneficial for both you and your prospects. Move on from outdated, inefficient, and invasive Cookies and step into the future of online marketing with IP to Business Resolution.

October 22, 2020

by Mike Higgins



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