Case Study: POI and Mobile IDs Expand Marketing Reach

The Company

Even as a large shopping center company with operations in the United States and Canada, this business wants to grow. They currently boast more than 181 million shoppers and are always working on beta testing, sampling programs, and lead generation campaigns.

The Opportunity

This chain of retail outlets was unsatisfied with the reach and thoroughness of their CRM and funnel. They knew there were many potential and current customers that they did not have information on and therefore couldn't market to individually. They needed a way to find out which people were visiting their physical stores but weren't in their CRM already.

The Solution

Onemata was able to use the retail location information to create a polygon around each store. Then they identified each device ID that entered the polygon over a month. They were able to identify more than 100 thousand devices and connect those devices to securely hashed email addresses and other contact information. The outlet store company now had an exponentially larger audience to market to. In fact, there was only an 8% overlap between the IDs captured and the customers in the existing CRM. This new audience enables the stores to do Facebook, email, and direct mail marketing to people they know have visited the stores within a given time period.

January 24, 2020

by Brittney "Babs" Dougherty



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