Case Study: Personographic Data Organized and Distributed

The Company

A distributed computing company specializing in digital rights management and trusted transactions needed multiple data sources for a new product. The company has reach in many verticals but wanted to expand their product offerings to marketers specifically. 

The Opportunity

The company had developed a platform for organizing and distributing personographic data from numerous sources. This company's personographic data allows marketers a singular view of customers so they can fully understand, segment, and utilize the mass amounts of information without violating the privacy of businesses and consumers. As a leader in assisting businesses in many different industries with handling data while maintaining privacy, a relationship with Onemata to provide a large portion of their data was an obvious choice.

The Solution

Onemata is able to provide the company with 260 million consumer profiles refreshed every 120 days. The data is secure and kept in a format to maintain privacy. The platform developed by this company utilizes Onemata's data, among a few other sources, to organize and and distribute data so it can be utilized in many different applications.

January 24, 2020

by Brittney "Babs" Dougherty



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