Build Your Ideal Customer Profile

Building an ideal customer profile is the best way to find prospects, but what makes a great prospect? To put it simply, the best prospects have the problem you solve. This way of thinking doesn't align with what we've been taught, so you'll have to work to change your thinking.

These questions will help

  • Is there a certain mindset that your best customers share?

  • Does your product go in offices, homes, factories or some other specific building type?

  • What type of company and what industry would NOT benefit from your product?

  • When you look at someone’s website, what makes you think “they need us?”

  • When you’re talking to potential customers on the phone, what causes you to think “this is a good fit” or “this isn’t going to work out?”

  • Do you have technologies that pair with your product? Which don't?

  • What makes your product even better?

  • Who are your competitors? Is there any way to know if someone is already using your competitor?

  • What made your customers choose you?

  • What questions are you asked the most?

The answers to these questions will tell you whether a company has the problem you solve. We use these answers, and glean keywords, phrases, and technologies to include or exclude as we search the known universe for your motivated prospects. Here's a short guide to walk you through this and show you examples as well.

download this ideal customer profile template

October 28, 2018

by Brittney "Babs" Dougherty



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