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Brittney "Babs" Dougherty

Babs is Onemata's Content Strategist. She speaks for the SMBs. She gives voice to our values, mission, and vision and is our positive viral messaging expert.

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You're CLOSER TO THE CLOSE®, so go sell!

The hard part is over now. We've scoured the universe to find those motivated prospects for you - those companies that have the problem you solve. Now what? Go sell! We're making that part easy too ...
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Build Your Ideal Customer Profile

Building an ideal customer profile is the best way to find prospects, but what makes a great prospect? To put it simply, the best prospects have the problem you solve. This way of thinking doesn't ...
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Refine Until You've Reached Perfection

This isn't your first time around the block so you know that success is achieved over time. You'll have to go through some revisions before you reach perfection even with a great starting ICP. We ...
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How We Know The Prospects Are Motivated

We know prospects are motivated when we see that they have the problem your company solves. The way we get at this is by understanding how those companies are discussing certain ideas and how they're ...
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