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Brittney "Babs" Dougherty

Babs is Onemata's Content Strategist. She speaks for the SMBs. She gives voice to our values, mission, and vision and is our positive viral messaging expert.

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Love the Customer's Problem, Not Your Solution

Here’s a thorny question for you – what business are you in? You probably have an answer to that and it’s probably mostly right. But you know what? The answer to this question reveals how big or how ...
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Always Try to Find a Way to Say "Yes!"

We are all more or less wired the same way. We tend to evaluate requests from customers and people in terms of how much will it take from us to fulfill the request and whether the return is ...
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Start With Your Favorite Sales Channel - Your Known Network

This is a framework for thinking broadly when it comes to finding and developing new customers. In our past businesses and now at Onemata we believe it is critical to have a strategy around ...
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How to Get New Customers For Your Business? Stick to K, U, and I

Online you'll find lists and lists of ways to get new customers. They may mention "9 unconventional ways" or "5 fastest ways" of gaining new customers. Some of them have good advice. Others will tell ...
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