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We believe 2021 is the year of data integrity, data compliance and of course, that finding good data shouldn’t suck!


Data Solutions to Power Your Business

Solutions denoted with a  🦀 symbol indicates a top-rated data source for 2021!

Movement Data

Mobile Device Visitation Analytics 🦀
Mobile Location Data 🦀

Delivery Methods: Data Feed | Custom

Business Data

Business Firmographic Data 🦀
IP Address to Business Resolution Data 🦀
Business Contact Data

Delivery Methods: API | Data Feed | Custom

Consumer Data

Device Linkage (MAID <> HEM) 🦀Consumer Intelligence Data
App Data 🦀
B2B2C Data

Delivery Methods: API | Data Feed | Custom

Third-Party Data Quality Testing

Our data has been independently scored and tested. 

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2021 is the Year of Quality & Compliant Data

Onemata is trusted by people and businesses as their data and analytics partner for their derivative product development, marketing, sales, and recruitment teams. Secure the data integrity of your business in 2021>>

"After shutting down our locations for almost three months due to COVID-19, one of our first investments upon reopening was to understand new consumer patterns and Onemata Visitation Intelligence is proving absolutely essential to understanding and market to our customers.”


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