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ICPs are a process you go through to tell us what you're looking for in a prospect. You start by choosing industries. Then add words and phrases and technologies that a company would use on their website. Tell us which words and technologies a company must have, must not have, and would be nice to have. For a more detailed description, click here.

This ICP should take about 15 minutes to run and searches for prospects starting within a 50 mile radius of a zip code you enter.

We search the entire United States when you run a Full ICP. They tend to take about 3 hours.

The prospect list is the results of an ICP.

This is the prospect list you’ve chosen to work with. It has all the functionality you’ll need to contact prospects and make sales calls. It is also the list for which you can set up Inbox Gold®. Click here for more details on Active Prospect Lists.

The specific, defining characteristics of your best customers. Examples include: company culture, company values, sub-industries, and your customer’s products and services.

Once you've created an Active Prospect List, we'll start sending you Inbox Gold® emails. You choose how often you receive the Inbox Gold®. The emails will contain a certain number of prospects depending on the plan you’ve chosen and the frequency. To learn how to set up your Inbox Gold®, click here.

This basically means that Onemata is always on and connected to our resources - live websites. You can run an ICP at any time and see up to date results. We don’t use a database, we search websites in real time.

We like to say Onemata helps you start Closer to the Close® because we’ve already helped you complete the long and arduous research aspect of lead generation. All you have to do is pick up the phone or type out an email, you don’t have to do the difficult process of learning if the company you’re contacting is the right one.

When we say this, we mean prospects or leads that we think are motivated to buy specifically from your business. The reason we think they’re motivated is because the Onemata ICP has gone out and done the exploration and analysis for you.

Instead of deleting your work, we always retain a copy of it in your records so you can recover it if you choose to. You can archive ICPs and Prospect Lists.

This is what we call our blog. You’ll find lots of different types of content here to help you learn the Onemata platform as well as helpful business tips and tactics.

This is a video series about business management to help you not only in sales and marketing, but with all the different aspects of running a successful business.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for, contact us by chat, email us at, or call us at 303-477-2722