Resolve IP Addresses to Businesses in Real-time.

Turn anonymous site visitors into actionable business contact data -- instantly.


Say Goodbye to anonymous site traffic forever.

Our IP to Business data solutions is the key to revealing business data, and providing detailed firmographic data for each visitor. 

U.S. Households


Unique IP Addresses

U.S. Adults


Unique Companies Available

IP Addresses


Firmographic Attributes Available

Decode IP addresses and turn them into meaningful analytics.

IP to business resolution allows businesses to know more about the companies that are accessing their data and services to improve critical functions.


With our IP to Business API you can:

Don't be left in the dark with your site visitors. 

With intel on the people on your site (without them filling out a form), your sales outreach is instantly boosted. 

Get the behind the curtain intel to do deep research on companies. 

Support your investment opportunties and business ventures with granular company data. 

Arm yourself with the analytics necessary to make smart business decisions. 


Getting started is fast and easy.

All you need is an email - even crabs have those. Ask, Kaunga! Schedule a demo and see how Onemata can help your company grow.