How it Works

You get the party started by thinking about what makes your current customers great. Take note of any similarities between them such as values they have, ways of doing business, and their industry. You may also notice many of them use the same technologies or mention certain topics on their websites. All of this together is an ideal customer profile and allows us to find companies that are likely to have the problem you solve. You tell us this nuance, then our tool searches for the best prospects.


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This is the difference between our real-time lead generation software and using a database. We are always ready and able to search for prospects right now. We don't have just have a database of company information, referencing it to hopefully find what you need. When you click "Run" we actively search the live internet. That means the prospects we deliver to you were vetted right then and there. That is the difference between relying on a database and using persistent connectivity. You don't have to worry that the information is weeks or months old. 



Our purpose is to help you know who to call first and why. Everything from the ICP creation to ranking and filtering your results is designed with this in mind. Instead of making cold calls - calling companies without knowing much of anything about them - we want you to be making closer-to-the-close calls. The nuance you describe in your ICP means that we're finding prospects that are most likely to have the problem you solve. That means they are motivated to buy.






We deliver your prospects via Inbox Gold® at the pace you choose. We suggest five per week so you can concentrate on making one impactful phone call per day. 



Start by setting up your Ideal Customer Profile

Then Filter and Rank Your Prospect Lists

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