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We built Onemata to solve what was always our, and is likely your, biggest problem.


How to Get New Customers Quickly

What does Onemata do?

Onemata shortens your sales cycle by finding motivated prospects who truly need your products and services.

OK, how?

Onemata, we start by examining your best customers, looking for the nuance that makes them great. We then use this nuance to scour public and private sources looking for every other company that matches this nuance - aka your future customers.

How is that different from a list of leads?

Without Onemata, you have to find prospects in the usual inefficient way - buying an overwhelming list of contacts that may not even be updated. Most of your productive time is spent sorting, searching, and calling hundreds of bad prospects to find one that's promising.

Rather than call 100 unqualified prospects to find one new business, you might only need to call a few.

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Onemata's Ideal Customer Profile Software

There are a few steps to building a great ICP.

First, choose the industries that you sell into.

Then, think about the words and phrases prospects say that lets you know they're a good fit for your products and services.


Here's an example

Let's say a business makes residential sprinkler controls that conserve water and they need to find residential sprinkler installers to resell their equipment.

Their sales team is small and they don't have the time or resources to call all 300,000 sprinkler installers in the country.

It turns out, sprinkler installers that are interested in conserving water are this company's best customers.

Find the companies that have the problem you solve

The business starts by entering in the industry they sell to - irrigation. Then they add the words, phrases, and technology that their best customers use on their website.

For this company, that means entering "Nice to Have" words such as "water conservation" and "lowering water bills." This company also adds "Must Have" and "Must Not Have" words to zero in on the best prospects.

The more detailed your ICP, the more likely you are to have great results.

Running an ICP

Each time you run a sample or full ICP Onemata scours the internet anew and in real time, sifting through billions of data sources looking for the specific attributes you've requested.

Then you're ready to start contacting the companies that have the problem your product or service solves.