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Onemata Amplify

Our sales lead generation software is about quality over quantity. 

Ideal Customer Profiles: This is how you tell Onemata what to look for in an ideal customer. You’ll designate the key terms to include or exclude, which industries to search, and what technologies to include or exclude. Then our system will do the rest. We'll scour the universe and return to you a set of prospects that most closely match your ideal customers who have the problem that your product or service solves. AKA - motivated prospects (and your next customers). Each member of your sales team can have their own ideal customer profiles.

Refining Tools: Each member of your team can and should edit their ICP until it’s perfect. We don’t want you to have to settle. Once you’ve run it, you can clone it and try other options. You can also make some key terms more important than others and filter for geographies, company sizes, and more. They'll be able to refine as often as they'd like as they learn new information about what makes a great motivated prospect.

Motivated Prospects: Our Amplify package comes with 10,000 prospects that will be delivered at your team's pace. You can purchase more prospects in blocks of 1,000 at any time. We can easily scale your prospect delivery to fit your specific needs. If you determine the prospect isn't any good just mark it as such and we'll give you a replacement. If your sales channel requires specific contacts and contact information, we provide that either on an automated, or both automated and human verified basis.

24/7 Customer Service: We want to be sure you're set up for prosperity so we're here to answer questions, guide you through building an ICP, or even complete that process for you. This also includes custom integration to your CRM and access to workflow mapping.

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