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LocalBlox is proud to have partnered with Onemata to better offer comprehensive data solutions at speed and scale.


We provide customer intelligence at a previously unheard of scope. Our proprietary Acquisition and Decision Engine can search, combine, and validate data on people, businesses, and social sentiments to generate extensive profiles and actionable insights.


B2B Prospecting

We've generated a database of 30 million firm locations in the United States. More than 1 million are updated daily.  Additionally, we can connect businesses to employees to consumers with full context. We've identified 120 million personal profiles which are linked to business profiles.


  • firmagraphic
  • location
  • intent
  • syncs with Onemata's Ideal Customer Profile

Use Case





Seamlessly access precise and granular location data about both people and companies. With more than 2.7 trillion device locations and 200 thousand polygons identified, there are nearly endless use cases for this kind of data.


  • companies
  • devices
  • visitor patterns
  • meta-attributes

Use Case


Audience Targeting

We have developed technology which can both acquire and correlate diverse data points from both conventional and non-traditional sources in real time. We can connect online behavior to offline preferences and habits. Our database collects 77 billion data points on a five month cadence.


  • intent
  • personagraphic 
  • locations
  • deep contact

Use Case



Put your internally collected data to use in new ways. We have the unique ability to link previously silo'd data together to create a deeper profile of businesses, employees, and consumers.


  • emails to IPs
  • ad views and intent data to B2B contacts
  • search history to people
  • B2B2C

Use Case


Onemata has partnered with the incredible people behind LocalBlox to service the needs of businesses ranging in size from SMB to enterprise.

We're combining Onemata's current specialization in small businesses and sales teams with LocalBlox's expertise in delivering data insights at the enterprise level. This allows us to improve data deliverability, integrate world class customer service, and evolve our product offerings with an even sharper focus on meeting global demands for a broad swath of business and consumer data. 

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