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Data Attributes

Business Attributes

Attribute Description Example
Name Name of company Onemata Corporation
Website Company website domain
IP Address Company IPv4 address
Logo Company logo image URL n/a
ID Unique company ID 10001999
Phone Primary company phone number (303) 477-2722
Phone Type Type of phone number Landline
Phone Country Phone number country origin USA
Email Company primary email address
Facebook  Company Facebook profile URL
Facebook Likes Company Facebook likes  153
Twitter Company Twitter profile URL
Twitter Followers Company Twitter followers 51
Google Company Google Places profile URL 
Google Claimed Company Google Places profile claimed status Yes
Google Rating Company Google Places rating 5.0 
Google Reviews Company Google Places reviews 1
Google Review Details Company Google Places review details "Great data products and transparency!" 
Yelp Company Yelp profile URL n/a 
Yelp Claimed Company Yelp profile claimed status Yes
Yelp Rating Company Yelp rating n/a 
Yelp Reviews Company Google Places reviews n/a
Yelp Review Details Company Yelp review details n/a
Tripadvisor Company Tripadvisor profile URL n/a 
Tripadvisor Rating Company Tripadvisor rating n/a 
Tripadvisor Reviews Company Tripadvisor reviews n/a
Tripadvisor Review Details Company Tripadvisor review details n/a
Foursquare Company Foursquare profile URL n/a 
Foursquare Rating Company Foursquare rating n/a 
Foursquare Reviews Company Foursquare reviews n/a
Foursquare Review Details Company Foursquare review details n/a
Contact Person First and last name of primary company contact Will Smith
Contact Person Phone Phone number of primary company contact (303) 477-2722
Contact Person Email Email address of primary company contact
Address Full company address 2420 W 26th Ave #500D, Denver, CO 80211
City Company city Denver
State Company state CO
ZIP Company ZIP code 80211
Country Company country USA
Address Deliverability Shows if the major mail providers deliver to the company address Yes
Address Validity Shows if the address is valid Yes
Address Vacancy Shows if the address is vacant or not No
Address Moved Indicates of the company has moved to a new address No
Headquarters Company headquarters address 2420 W 26th Ave #500D, Denver, CO 80211
Address Type Type of address (commercial or residential) Commercial
Latitude Company address latitude 39.7543138
Longitude Company address longitude -105.0184361
About Company description Onemata is a data company specializing in people, business, and data validation services and products.
Type Company type Private
Industry Company industry Software Services
SIC Company industry SIC code 7371
NAICS Company industry NAICS code 541511
Services Company services offered Software, Data, SaaS, DaaS
Revenue Company annual revenue range n/a
Employees Company employees range 10-50
Founded Company year founded 2017
Locations Company locations range  1-10
Company Status Company operational status Open
Business Hours Company hours of operation Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
Menu Item Company restaurant/cafe menu item description n/a
Menu Item Price Company restaurant/cafe menu item price n/a

People Attributes

Attribute Description Example
First Name Person's first name Will
Last Name Person's last name Smith
ID Unique person ID 48872891
LinkedIn Person's LinkedIn profile URL
LinkedIn Photo Person's LinkedIn profile picture URL n/a
Title Person's job title CEO
Employment Level Person's level of employment C-Level
Salary Person's salary range $100,000-$200,000
Age Person's first name 51
Work Phone Person's phone number (303) 477-2722
Work Phone Type Person's type of phone number Landline
Work Phone Country Person's phone number country origin USA
Personal Phone Person's phone number (303) 477-2721
Personal Phone Type Person's type of phone number Mobile
Personal Phone Country Person's phone number country origin USA
Work Email Person's work email address
Personal Email Person's personal email address
Mobile Ad ID Person's mobile device ID 00000000-0007-ad2a-0000-00000007ad2a
Mobile AD ID Type Person's mobile device ID type (AAID or IDFA) AAID
Email Hash Person's MD5 hashed email address 07410bce8c2c2d59b20e313c8c34301d
Email Hash Case Person's MD5 hashed email case (up or lc) lc
Address Person's full home address 2420 W 26th Ave #500D, Denver, CO 80211
City Person's city Denver
State Person's state CO
ZIP Person's ZIP code 80211
Country Person's country USA
Company Name Name of person's company Onemata Corporation
Company Website Website domain of person's company
Logo Company logo image URL n/a
Company ID Unique ID of person's company 10001999
Company Address Person's full company address 2420 W 26th Ave #500D, Denver, CO 80211
Company City Person's company city Denver
Company State Person's company state CO
Company ZIP Person's company ZIP code 80211
Company Country Person's company country USA
Company Latitude Person's company address latitude 39.7543138
Company Longitude Person's company address longitude -105.0184361
Education Person's education level n/a
School Person's school name n/a
School Years Person's school years of attendance n/a
Skills Person's job skills Leadership, management, team building.
About Person's bio Seasonal entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience who has started, managed, and sold numerous businesses.
Previous Company Name of the previous company Enscicon Corporation
Previous Company Title Job title at the previous company CEO
Previous Company Job Description Description of previous job title Providing the overall company vision, guidance and ensuring that we have the proper team to execute the day-to-day operations needed to achieve it.
Previous Company Start Date Start date at the previous position June 1994
Previous Company End Date Start date at the previous position Sept 2017


Validation Attributes

Attribute Description Example
Phone Status The status of the phone number Valid
Phone Type The type of phone number (Mobile, Landline, VOIP) Mobile
Phone Carrier The name of the phone carrier Verizon 
Phone Country The country origin of the phone number USA
Phone Formatted The normalized version of the phone number (303) 477-2722
Email Status The status of the email address Valid
Email Status Reason The reason for the email address status Accepted email
Email Disposable Shows if the email uses a disposable domain False
Email Accept All Shows if the email address accepts all emails True
Email Role Shows if the email is associated with a role. Example: True
Email Free Shows if the email address is from a free provider False
Email Normalized Provides formatted email address
Email User Provides the user associated with the email address w.smith
Email Safe Shows if the email address is safe to send  True
Email Suggested Detects typos and provides suggestions n/a
Location Address Full formatted address 2420 W 26th Ave #500D, Denver, CO 80211
Location City Location city Denver
Location State  Location state CO
Location ZIP Location ZIP code 80211
Location Country Location country USA
Location Latitude Location latitude 39.7543138
Location Longitude Location longitude -105.0184361
Location Validity Shows if the address is valid Yes
Location Vacancy Shows if the address is vacant or not No
Location Type Type of location (commercial or residential) Commercial
Location Type Precise Precise type of location  Office building
Location Precision Precision level of location match  Rooftop
Location Partial Match Shows if the locations was only partially matched No
Location Addressee Shows the name of location addressee Onemata Corporation