Unified View of Consumer Intelligence.

Introducing the next generation, cross-channel, privacy-compliant people targeting resource.


More people intelligence data than you can shake a shell at.

Our consumer intelligence API is like having a mega-massive person directory to find out almost anything you can think of about our global consumers. 

U.S. Households


U.S. Households

U.S. Adults


U.S. Adults

IP Addresses


IP Addresses

Attributes Available

Over 1000+

Attributes Available Per Person

Mobile Ad IDs


Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs)

Neighborhood Polygons


Email addresses for identity resolution

Our data is as dynamic as the people that make up our data sets.


Onemata's People Intelligence Data is unparalleled.

Supplement your existing data to fill in gaps. 

Deliver personalized messages to your audiences through various outreach channels and methods. 

Retain continuity while sharing consumer-level data across various channels. 

Utilize known digital identity markers to enhance the data received from non-digital sources. 

Get accurate campaign data to know which tactic is working to contribute in various campaigns.


Getting started is fast and easy.

All you need is an email - even crabs have those. Ask, Kaunga! Schedule a demo and see how Onemata can help your company grow.